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Answers: Licences

Where can I get the MailNode license?

MailNode license is available at following link

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Do I need a separate license for different versions of MailNode?

A package license enables Previous Version Rights. Beginning with the next version (2.0) release, package licenses must be extended for the newest version or you can stay to work with previous. The list of eligible previous versions is available on

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Do I need separate licenses for each server?

Each license is intended for a single user. It is registered to one person and covers the use of one domain owned by the license holder.

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How many servers can I register with one license?

Your purchase of the software grants you the license to have one person use the software on one personal computer at a time. If you want to use the product on more than one personal computer at a time, you must obtain separate licenses. You can register as many licences as you want.

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How does the MailNode licensing work?

The MailNode licensing model is domain-based, meaning that with a single license you can register a given domain name ( All MailNode licenses are onetime fee (perpetual), with annual service subscription fee for access to product updates and support service.

I have some technical questions, where can I find information?

You can contact us at

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I am a non-profit organization. Do I qualify for any discounts?

Yes, if you are a non-profit or government organization, you are qualified for a discount from our list pricing. Please contact our sales department for more info.

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Can Mailnode be integrated into an existing application?

Yes, it can be integrated over the API, but it requires programming knowledge. In the future, we are planning a Wordpress plugin.

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Can I modify code of Mailnode?

That is not really what we recommend because you could easily break our update mechanism.

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Are we able to have multiple users on same Mailnode installation?

Right now this option is not supported, but that is on our to-do list.

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Will you install Mailnode for me?

Yes! Free installation is included with every purchased license. You only need to provide web server with Ubuntu 16.04 installed.

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